ASE Group


LDAR – module for maintenance at sites controlling fugitive leakages of volatile organic compounds

Autonomous maintenance supervising module – integrated software for inspections of installations, nodes and critical equipment

The Implementation Department offers the expansion of the system with additional functional modules in order to adapt it to the client’s needs.
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LDAR module (Leak Detection And Repair) – for monitoring and inspecting fugitive emissions of VOC in installations and completing repairs.


The Inspector-LDAR system supports the LDAR software as regards:



  • equipment records
  • photographic documentation (also in the IR technology)
  • emission spots tagging (QR, RFID)
  • interoperation with an OGI thermal camera – EyeCGas® VOC
  • measurements input (current readings)
  • interoperation with, e.g. SAP
  • exceeding notification with an alert and a repair job (in the form of a report)