ASE Group


INSPEKTOR-EX – system for passporting and inspecting installations and equipment, also in Ex zones.

Inspector-Ex® system

Inspector-Ex® is a state-of-the-art, autonomous system for passporting and inspecting equipment and installations. It is a powerful and useful tool for maintenance teams and people responsible for the operation of electrical equipment in facilities.


The system was created on the basis of many years of hands-on experience of the ASE Group engineers. Perfected functionality and a userfriendly, intuitive interface open up many possibilities related with inspections, facilitate the work of teams, and most importantly, improve safety.

There are hundreds or even thousands of devices and installations requiring condition monitoring in facilities. Units responsible for maintenance are struggling every day with coordinating inspections and improving their know-how regarding items they are responsible for. Using the inspector-ex equipment inspection and passporting support system overhaul and maintenance teams find it easier to schedule jobs. They determine the extent of repairs and budget expenses related with keeping equipment in good working order.


  • Ensures reliable verification of the technical condition of equipment and installations
  • Supports maintenance from the point of view of safety, e.g. critical equipment
  • Equipped with an autonomous maintenance module
  • Organises and facilitates access to technical documentation
  • Facilitates equipment surveying
  • Stores photographic documentation
  • Generates electronic reports


Zone? No problem!

Inspections of equipment operating in zones must comply with regulations. The InspectorEx® system has a decision of the BARBARA Experimental Mine (a notified body of the Polish Central Mining Institute) on the compliance of the software with PN-EN 60079-17:2014-05 Explosive atmospheres – Part 17: Electrical installations inspection and maintenance.


It means that reports generated using the InspectorEx® system are sufficient and valid documents certifying that an inspection has been carried out.


PGE GIEK S.A. 3500 devices: surveying, physical server, client station
1000 devices: server, client station, code printer, PDA
EDF 15000 devices: surveying, server, client station, smartphones, data exchange with SAP
PGNiG TERMIKA 300 devices: server, client station, code printer, PDA
VEOLIA 3000 devices: server, client station, code printer, PDA
NAFTOPORT 1000 devices: server, client station, smartphones